Vipassana Therapists Directory

Tanya T. Wiser, MSW
Sex: Female; License #17621
623 Wellington Drive, San Carlos, CA 94070
Fee scale: $175 per session

Description of Clinical Practice

When we enter Mindfulness and Somatic Based Psychotherapy we are invited to stop running away from things and, instead, we are supported in turning toward them with a courageous heart so that we can discover a wise path through life. Mindful practices woven into the psychotherapy process are like yeast to bread. When Somatic Experiencing is integrated into this process it functions as a guide, leading us skillfully into what needs healing while also connecting us with our inherent wholeness. Healing happens when we show up for our experiences in a wise, compassionate and skillful way.

Mindfulness and Somatic Based psychotherapy helps us learn how to do this so healing can happen anywhere.

Vipassana Meditation Background

Daily sitting practice and multiple retreat practices yearly since 2006, including long retreats. Graduate of Dharma Mentor Training Program at Insight Meditation Center (IMC), 2016. Completed Dedicated Practitioner Program 4 at IMC in 2013. Currently volunteer and meditation instructor at IMC.

Relevant Clinical Training and Experience

Graduated from SFSU, Masters in Social Work 1993; Licensed Clinical Social Worker 1995.

Trained in EMDR; Somatic Focused Processing with EMDR; Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention.

Completed workshops and trainings with leading experts in the field of mindfulness integrated treatments: Tara Brach, Rick Hanson, Kristin Neff, Kelly McGonigal, Ron Siegel, Paul Gilbert, Dan Siegel and Jack Kornfield.