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Rik Isensee, LCSW
Sex: Male; LCS 10773
533-A Castro Street, San Francisco CA 94114
Fee scale: not specified


Perhaps you've practiced mindfulness and you're convinced of the benefits: less reactivity, increased clarity, and greater ease in your life!

And yet:
* You have trouble being consistent with your practice
* You have doubts about whether you're even capable of being mindful
* When you try to meditate, you either space out or your mind is all over the place
* You've lost touch with that initial enthusiasm you had when you first got started

If you've become discouraged about your ability to practice mindfulness, you're not alone!
I've worked with many people who felt that initial rush of enthusiasm, but then became doubtful about whether they could ever be truly mindful--
without a clear sense of what they're doing, where they are going, or how to improve their ability to be more consistently mindful in their everyday lives.

Mindfulness coaching can help you:
* Create a clear vision for your practice
* Identify hidden challenges
* Relieve doubts
* Counter your inner critic
* Rekindle your love of mindful awareness and enthusiasm for awakening, one moment at a time


Rik was first introduced to Vipassana through Joseph Goldstein at Naropa in 1974. He is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher through the Mindfulness Training Institute (taught by Mark Coleman), where he's serving as a mentor for mindfulness teachers-in-training. Rik has led mindfulness retreats at Esalen and taught mindfulness at CCSF. He has completed the Advanced Practitioners Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.


Rik is a psychotherapist and Mindfulness Coach in private practice in San Francisco. Rik has studied with Hakomi, a mindfulness-based approach to somatic therapy. He is the author of Shift Your Mood, a guide to calming agitation through mindfulness.

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