Vipassana Therapists Directory

Nicole Arkin, MA
Sex: Female; MFT #46185
3852 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland CA 94611
Fee scale: $140. (sliding scale available)


I provide individual psychotherapy services to children, teens and adults in my

private practice in Oakland melding psychodynamic and relational approaches with

mindfulness as well as intentions related to the brahamaviharas, particularly toward

the cultivation of compassion toward oneself and others. I am especially drawn

toward working with girls and young women as well as people who describe

themselves as sensitive and even shy. In addition, many of those I work with

also struggle with negative self-judgment and shame, and are in the process of

moving toward caring for and cherishing themselves. I also have a background in

expressive arts and value the creative and imaginative aspects of therapeutic work.

Finally, I take issues related to oppression seriously and very much welcome those

from all walks of life into my practice, including those that feel between cultures.


I began meditating 10 years ago after a daylong retreat at Spirit Rock moved me

enough to begin practicing regularly. From there I ventured on a 10 day retreat in

vipassana mediation followed by three 8 day retreats, including one on metta

(loving-kindness) and one focused on meditation and yoga. I am especially drawn

now toward the development of the brahmaviharas (loving kindness, compassion,

sympathetic joy and equanimity) in everyday life. More particularly, I am deeply

drawn to the cultivation of compassion for ourselves and others. My most recent

piece of writing is entitled, The Necessity of Self Compassion in the Therapeutic

Process, which can be found on my website.


Over the last fifteen years I have acquired a diverse array of experience as a

therapist for which I am very grateful, ranging from working with adults with severe

mental illnesses, to middle school students, to children, youth and families in foster

care, and to a variety of children, teens and adults in my private practice. I obtained

my Masters of Arts (MA) degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in the

expressive arts in 2002, got licensed as a marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in

2008 and since, have obtained two years of additional and intensive training at the

Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in order to

become more adept at working longer term and more deeply with clients. I

completed over two years of working as a supervisor for psychotherapist interns,

facilitate training groups in expressive arts therapy and am currently a part of a

weekly consultation group which is oriented toward Jungian depth psychotherapy.