Vipassana Therapists Directory

Martina Schneider, MS
Sex: Female; MFT 51195
2711 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 666-5912

Fee scale: Some sliding scale, based on need and availability


As a therapist I draw on my experience as a Vipassana meditation practitioner
and invite all parts and aspects of my clients into a therapeutic conversation
with encouragement to connect with the present moment. Connecting with the
present moment allows us to cultivate greater awareness, acceptance and insight
in relationship to past and present experiences. As we build new relationships
and dialogues with our experience we often find invitations to open doors to new
possibilities in our lives. I have extensive experience working with both psychological
and mindfulness approaches to support people who experience anxiety, depression
and intense inner critics.


I have been a student of the Dharma since 1996. I have studied and practiced
Vipassana (insight) meditation in the United States, India and Burma. Inspired
by the teaching of the Buddha I have combined my Vipassana practice with
compassionate social actions and have worked extensively with homeless and
underrepresented populations, counseled people who are incarcerated, and
volunteered with the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco. I was trained in the
teacher training program with Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and
assist and teach Vipassana retreats at Spirit Rock, the Insight Meditation Society,
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center and San Francisco Insight.


While receiving my M.S in Psychology from Cal State East Bay, I worked as a
therapist at Haight Ashbury Psychological Services, a non-profit clinic dedicated
to serving underrepresented populations. My work there allowed me to fine tune
my clinical approaches. Other recent work has included counseling inmates at San
Quentin State Prison with the Insight Prison Project and co-facilitating mindfulness
retreats in a Genentech program, South San Francisco. In addition, I have worked
as a Therapeutic Behavioral Counselor with at risk children and adolescents in Marin,
CA. I currently see clients in private practice in San Francisco and Berkeley.