Vipassana Therapists Directory

Kathryn Hirt
Sex: Female; MFC #44441
582 Market St. suite 2005, San Francisco 94104
431 30th St. # 7B, Oakland 94609
(510) 220-3558
Fee scale: $150*


I work with my clients in an engaged, proactive, and down-to-earth manner,
enabling you to see through the limiting beliefs that cause suffering, and experience
the expansion and ease that are possible when they shift. I work with older
adolescents, individual adults and couples, as well as families, to help bring
conscious awareness to struggle, in the mind and in the body, and to access
increased ease and joy with new *tools* and resources, as well as ones you may
already have but may not be aware of, or have lost sight of. Having suffered from
anxiety and panic myself, and having healed them through skillful awareness,
compassion, and profound acceptance has been my greatest teacher.


Meditation practitioner for 20+ years, including several long retreats of one to
three months, and shorter 7 - 10 day retreats as well. I am especially drawn to the
teachings of Adyashanti and other non-dual teachers, as well as Native American and
indigenous practices that point to this very non-dual nature that is all of life- which,
when we are split from, causes pain, separateness, and unhealthiness of our whole
beings. Having a whole-hearted practice of presence at the center of my life, as well
as the center of my therapeutic style, has given me a profound appreciation for the
freedom that is possible with the earnest intention to heal.


Extensive training in EMDR, Gestalt practices, trauma/PTSD, EFT, Non-Violent
Communication, Hakomi, and other body-oriented therapies. I weave these together
with mindfulness practices, the tools of cognitive-behavioral work, and an overall
existential/humanistic lens. I also have some relevant training and experience with
earth-based practices of the Native American traditions.

*at any given time I may have a mature intern working with me whos charges for
therapy are substantially lower, in the $90-$100 range. Please inquire if interested.