Vipassana Therapists Directory

Elad Levinson
Sex: Male; LCSW #6899
620 Kent St Petaluma, CA 94952

Fee scale: 125.00 (sliding scale available)

Description of Clinical Practice:

35 year experience as clinician, strong and
deep expertise in: Career Counseling, business coaching, EMDR, trauma
release work, eating disorders especially integrative counseling for weight
loss, transition counseling for adolescents as they go from middle school
to high school or HS to college, couples counseling and application of
mindfulness to daily life. Seven years of training with James Hillman and the
men who initiated the mythopoetic menís movement. Led menís groups for
over 20 years in Palo Alto. Expert in stress, change and transformation for
individuals, couples and communities.

Vipassana Meditation Background:

30 years study of Buddhism. Over 100
days in retreats both Vipassana and Samadhi training, active at Spirit Rock
as volunteer, 15 years training with John Travis who is my root teacher.

I have taught and coached clients extensively in business and clinical
settings on applied mindfulness.

Relevant Clinical Training and Experience:

Basic and Advanced levels of EMDR training
Extensive training in Archetypal Psychology with James Hillman
Menís psychology and its application to group therapy for men.
Advanced training in drugs and alcohol treatment
Buddhist studies training in Buddhist Psychology, Tibetan Buddhist mediation
and Concentration practice.
30 years training and experience in facilitating high conflict consensus
building for groups, teams and communities.