Vipassana Therapists Directory

Bryan Wittine, PhD
Sex: Male; MFT 19858
10 Millwood Street, Suite 1
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Fee scale: $160-$200


I practice depth psychotherapy with individuals and couples. Contemporary Jungian, psychoanalytic, Buddhist, and Christian principles and practices influence my work.
My clientele includes people experiencing depression and anxiety related to lack of meaning and purpose in the second half of life; problems concerning love, relationships, and sexuality; and spiritual crises and conflicts.
Meaningful relationships in my own life have provided a foundation for me to guide others in their struggles concerning love and intimacy. I have learned that working through our own childhood wounds leads to far greater fulfillment than trying to get others to change.
I believe all psychological problems are spiritual. A transcendent and immanent reality, which Jung called the Self, is the ground and deep center of every human being. The Self is essentially you and yet much greater than you. As the Self you are one with all beings and with Being itself. Paradoxically, it is also your truest individuality. We outgrow emotional problems to the degree we are open to the Self.


I learned Vipassana from Rina Sircar at CIIS in the late-70s. I have practiced at Spirit Rock, in the Shambhala Training, and with Vajrayana, Christian, and Sufi masters. A Course in Miracles has been my mainstay for many years. The contemplative attitudes of letting go and letting be are more and more central to my daily practice.


I was certified as a Jungian analyst by the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, trained in existential-humanistic psychotherapy by James F. T. Bugental, and certified in Imago Relationship Therapy by Harville Hendrix, author of Getting the Love You Want.
I regularly offer lectures and workshops through the Jung Institute on The Dark Night of the Soul, Crises and Conflicts of Spiritual Awakening, Jungian Analysis and Nondual Wisdom, Individuation in the Second Half of Life, Trauma and the Soul, and Relationship Problems of Men.