Vipassana Therapists Directory

Alexandra (Ali) Joy Sideroff, MA
Sex: Female; MFT # 80244
4112 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
2236 Derby Street, Berkeley, CA 94705
Fee scale: $150., inquire about sliding scale if needed


A challenge faced by many is some from of disconnection from one's self. This can have pervasive manifestations including loss of vitality or access to passions, unfulfilling relationships, self doubt,
discontentment, difficulty making decisions, muted feelings, fear and panic, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck and stagnant, etc. Therapy offers channels that route back to your true self: gaining insight about your background, examining cultural conditioning, processing and healing from trauma, developing self-empathy and learning tangible tools to manage big emotions and stressful situations. I support this process with skill, respect, transparency and humor. I maintain a focus on clients sociocultural context and bring a loving and non-judgmental stance. I welcome straight and LGBTQ youth/adults and am versed in alternative relationship practices.
Specialties: Depression, anxiety, relationship, communication, gender, sexuality and grief/loss. I draw from Awareness/Mindfulness based approaches, Creative Arts Therapy, Narrative Therapy, somatic practices, and Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy. I welcome straight and LGBTQQI youth, individual adults and couples.


I have a long standing meditation practice that includes practice Vipassana, Jewish meditation and Nondual approaches. I am passionate about bringing engagement with presence into all moments of life, rather than solely "on the cushion". I have a deeply grounded presence aligned with the unfolding of the moment and aim to follow that as a guide rather than adhering to preconception of the mind. A subject of keen interest is how to navigate the intricacies of anxiety, depression and other difficult emotions through awareness practices. When relevant, I share meditation and mindfulness tools with my clients.


MA in Counseling Psychology, concentration Expressive Arts Therapy. BA in Gender Studies.
Psychodynamic trainings incorporating mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, family systems and cognitive/behavioral approaches with a social justice framework.
Narrative Therapy training program.
Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.
Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship and other studies in Ecopsychology, Ethnobotany and herbalism.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping).